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About Realty Law

Realty is a law firm of dedicated and experienced property professionals who have worked in the sector for many years. Realty is all about the problems which the team have identified in the past and how these issues can be improved or resolved for clients going forward.

We believe that this makes our approach focused and unique and provides the best possible service to our clients.

This makes our approach focused and unique

All work is overseen by qualified staff who understand your needs and will provide a personal service for all leasehold issues. We also ensure that there is someone available to answer your queries 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Realty Law focuses on four core values. These are the values that guide our business and our decision making process.  We work hard to preserve these values and are constantly seeking innovative ways to better serve our clients.

  1. Protecting our client’s reputation- our first concern is your reputation.  We act quickly and in a professional manner which reflects well on your reputation.
  2. Efficient Recovery– we are constantly looking at new ways to make recovery more efficient for you. Some companies over-charge their clients for recovery simply because they are inefficient. We have developed a new IT system which makes recovery as efficient as possible.  
  3. Sound advice based on many years of experience- you can rest assured that the advice you receive comes from a wealth of experience in the realty sector. Unlike some legal companies, we will give you advice rather than options. 
  4. Availability Making our team available to you and your clients at all times is vital.  


Realty Law has the combined experience to get the results you want.


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Lancaster House, 67 Newhall Street, Birmingham, B3 1NQ


 0121  289 5385