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We have an experienced team of professionals who can deal with all aspects of service charge and ground rent recovery, both at the early stages and in more complex situations where Court proceedings and Tribunal applications are involved.

We aim to maximise recovery by offering a tailored service where recovery is not hampered by charging large fees for small debts. We find that this is counter-productive, not only in terms of recovery but also in terms of ongoing relationships with leaseholders. Our primary aim is to protect the reputation of our clients.

We offer a bespoke reporting service for all bulk instructions. We will report to you at intervals which you choose and providing the information you request in a format which is adapted to each client’s requirements.

Our software has been scripted especially for this type of recovery and to enable us to initiate recovery of bulk instructions within 24 hours of instruction.

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We have many years of experience and knowledge in the field of commercial property we are used to handling a wide range including mixed use developments, industrial estates and retail units.

If there is rent or service charge outstanding we can recover this, quickly and effectively. We will advise as to the best methods of recovery, whether the Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery process is appropriate to your situation, the alternative processes and which one will lead to the outcome you need in the fastest possible time.

We are very happy to assist with any of the following issues in your commercial premises:

  • Rent recovery
  • Service Charge Recovery
  • Breach of Lease (nuisance, breach of user clause, unauthorised alterations)
  • The CRAR Process
  • Forfeiture and Possession proceedings

We are confident that the services we provide in respect of your commercial properties will enhance the smooth running of your business and the management of your development.

We have a range of costs options available for commercial work and we will discuss these with you so that we are able to tailor our service to ensure that it provides the fastest outcome at the most affordable price.

If there is anything you would like to discuss, please call Charlotte Collins on 0121 274 0011 or Neil Jinks on 07594 089617.

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In addition to non-paying leaseholders we increasingly find that Managing Agents and Landlords have frequent issues within a development caused by leaseholders who do not know their obligations or choose to disregard their obligations.

We have experience in dealing with all types of breaches of covenant arising from noise nuisance, pets, flooring, unauthorized sub-letting, alterations and repairs.

In the case of any breach we will discuss with you what you would like to achieve, the remedies which are possible and we will offer comprehensive advice as to the best course of action and recovery of costs.

We can often achieve a quick and reasonable solution to most breach situations at no cost to our clients.

Our aim is to make a complex process easily manageable and stress free for our clients, at an affordable rate and with 24/7 access to the individuals handling your matter.

We are able to advise upon and guide you through the enfranchisement process, including drafting all of the necessary documentation and ensuring that all parts of the process are completed within the strict time-frames.

We can assist with:

  • Establishing Criteria
  • Participation Agreement
  • Preparation of Initial Information.
  • Company Formation
  • Serving the Initial Notice
  • Responding to the Landlord’s request
  • Application to the First-tier Tribunal
  • Conveyancing
  • Lease Amendments

We are confident that we are able to provide the support and expertise required to steer through this process effectively, with regular updates as standard and advice and assistance whenever it is needed.

It is often the case that a Lease does not operate in quite the way you would like- it is also often the case that you have to live with this!

There are, however, circumstances in which there is only one option and that is to vary the Lease.

This can arise where the service charge matrix does not add up to 100%, where there are manifest irregularities in the leases which are unfair to leaseholders, where the Lease does not cover services which are vital to the welfare of a development (such as replacement of items as opposed to repair) or where amendments to ground rent provisions are desirable. These are just a few issues which can make this option worthwhile.

We can guide you through the variation process and give guidance on the following matters:

  • Whether this is the best option to solve the issues you have or whether some other option may be more efficient or cheaper.
  • The likely cost of the process
  • How to minimise opposition
  • The initial notices
  • Guidance as to any compensation that may be payable.
  • The First-tier Tribunal process.
  • Implementing and registering the variation.

We are happy to provide you with initial guidance and costs estimates on any particular issues and if there is anything you wish to discuss please call Charlotte Collins on 0121 274 0011 or Neil Jinks on 07594 089617. 

We appreciate that this is often an area where our clients face difficulty and where it is often impossible to trace non-paying tenants or to remove bad tenants from your property.

We work closely with specialist third party services to provide a full rent recovery, possession and enforcement process for Letting Agents, Managing Agents and Landlords at a fixed cost and which is fast and cost efficient.

We are able to carry out the following for you:

  • Tracing non-paying tenants
  • Service of S8 Notices to Quit
  • Service of S21 Notices
  • Actions for breach of lease
  • Removal of trespassers.
  • Possession Claims
  • Enforcement of Judgments
  • Accelerated Possession

We offer a nationwide service and we are happy to discuss your specific requirements at any time to ensure that our clients receive a service tailored to their requirements.

Please contact Charlotte Collins on 0121 274 0011 or Neil Jinks on 07594 089617. 

…One of the toughest challenges facing landlords and commerical property owners is staying on top of legislation.

Private landlords and commercial property owners with leasehold properties will know the stress which arises when leaseholders fail to comply with the terms of their lease. Letting agents will also know the problems they run into. 

The most common breach is their failure to pay you service charges.  We have developed a custom-tailored IT system which allows your tenants to pay their outstanding charges quickly and easily online. 

All you need to do is direct your debtors to our website and they can pay quickly and securely using their debit or credit card. This is much easier than chasing payment by cheque or waiting for them to come into the office. 


One of the toughest challenges facing landlords, commerical property owners and letting agents is staying on top of legislation. 

We are always happy to share our knowledge and experience with our clients by providing training courses on any aspect of leasehold property or recovery actions.

We can provide training by courses or workshops to small groups or large conferences to suit you at your premises.

If you require any type of training for your credit control staff or property managers just let us know which topic or list of topics you would like us to cover and we will be happy to liaise with you to arrange training on any subject.